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Computer TeachingMaths teachers looking for jobs are in a good position nowadays. In fact, Mathematics and Sciences are on the rise in terms of popularity with students and also in terms of government incentive schemes worldwide.

Maths is taught from a the very first school setting fro nursery upwards in almost all curricula. The splitting away of the different disciplines of Mathematics usually happens around age 12 to 14 in a school setting and initially is still taught at some level of combination with the other disciplines. This means that the younger the age group you wish to teach, the more general a Mathematician you will need to be. It is rare to see a Statistics Teacher job advertised for an age group below 16. These are usually posted as Maths Teacher jobs requiring some Applied, Pure or Statistics lessons as well.

In most cases, a Maths teacher needs a minimum of two qualifications, a Maths degree to at least graduate level and a teaching qualification. Obviously the higher the level you are teaching, the more advanced your own qualifications need to be. Maths teachers have jobs in high schools as well colleges and universities. They can be full time, part time or include a research element. They can be combined with other disciplines and involve varying levels of administrative responsibilities, depending on the size of the department and your position within it.

There are many and varied incentive schemes worldwide to try to raise the profile of the more difficult and therefore useful subjects like Mathematics and the Sciences. In Britain, Maths teachers are greeted with a ‘golden hello’ of several thousand pounds. British University students of Mathematics who turn to teaching not only receive this ‘hello’ but also have access to substantial bursaries and grants to encourage a greater entry of qualified young teachers into maths specifically. In the USA, there is a Rural Incentives Scheme which rewards teachers for moving out into rural schools with their skills and expertise. This is in an effort to equalise the quality of the learning experience between urban and rural settings. In London, UK, there is another scheme rewarding ‘Excellent Teachers’ for their work whereas schools offering the International Baccalaureate compete fiercely on the worldwide market for qualified and experienced Maths and other teachers.

So, now we have established that being a Maths Teacher is a good thing, how do you find a job? Well, you first need to decide where you would like to live and look in that location. If you do not particularly care where but really care about the type of job you do, then you may be best registering with one of the hundreds of worldwide Mathematics Teacher job search agencies. These may specialise in Teaching or in Chemistry itself. You may wish to investigate the type of establishments you are interested in. So, if you want to carry out research in a particular area, look for a university that specialises in that field. If you want promotion prospects and hope to head your own school department, you may want to go for an area people are loathe to move to. There is a reason why the Rural Incentive Scheme in the US is in place.